During COVID-19 with the lockdowns and numerous people working from home I’m finding many people suffering from headaches, lower back and pelvic pain.
In the office people often move around more than they realise, walking to the water cooler, going to speak to someone at their workstation, walking to and from transport, going to the photocopier, leaving the office for lunch and so on.
At home the set up is often not ideal and there is a tendency to sit for prolonged periods without rising or moving, people can eat in the same position as well. This can weaken and fatigue muscles with the prolonged flexion leading to overloading of the spine which can cause disc irritation.
It’s important to take breaks, get up and walk around the house or the garden and stretch every hour or so.
With this in mind I’ve attached a few stretches for you to try at home.
*Hold for a slow count of 30 or 3 to 4 deep slow breaths.
*Repeat 2-3 times or several times throughout the day
*Stretch only to mild pulling sensation, NOT into pain.
*No bouncing when stretching.
Remember to drink plenty of water too, it might force you to get up and move!

Images c/o Lilydale Osteopathy

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